FRT radio interview on RN ‘Future Tense’

Our research project was a feature on the 28th May 2022 episode of 'Future Tense' on ABC Radio Nation. Neil Selwyn spoke with presenter Antony Funnell about the pros and cons of the ongoing emergence of facial recognition and facial analysis technologies into Australian society. We are featured briefly at the start of the episode,... Continue Reading →

Facial recognition: it’s the math, stupid!

From one perspective, facial recognition is a purely computational exercise – a complex process of object scanning, data correlation and applying machine learning techniques to recognise and learn from patterns in digital image data streams. The human face is just of hundreds of different ‘objects’ that might be scanned and processed by a smart-camera – all instantaneously... Continue Reading →

Facial recognition as a point of national pride

One of the surprising side-shows at many recent high-profile international events is what might be described as ‘facial recognition nationalism’ - where host countries are keen to be show off their thriving local facial recognition industry. The French firm Id3’s recent involvement in the development of FRT for the Paris 2024 Olympics illustrates the significance of these... Continue Reading →

In-car facial recognition – luxury surveillance?

Recent reports that car production during 2021 and 2022 will have to decrease substantially due to the global shortage of silicon chips highlights the fact that our cars are now computational devices – realising Elon Musk’s 2015 description of Tesla being in the business of manufacturing “sophisticated computers on wheels”. While the dream of the ‘fully... Continue Reading →

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