Facial recognition in 2025 – expert expectations

Pew Research released a report in February 2021 in which they canvas the views of various tech experts and futurists about their anticipations of the post-COVID shifts in technology and society for 2025. Facial recognition and other biometrics and AI featured prominently in these accounts – positioning FRT as one of a suite of inferential and surveillance... Continue Reading →

Face Recognition to Verify Vaccine Status?

Facial solutionism has, predictably, reared its head in the vexed discussion of vaccine passports. A government funded program in the UK is developing software that pubs, cafes, and other venues can use to scan patron's faces as a condition of entry to determine whether they have been vaccinated. Such an approach would protect against the... Continue Reading →

paper accepted for AOIR 2021

We are very pleased to have a paper accepted for the 2021 AOIR conference in October. The paper arises from our ongoing ethnographic work about FRT and biometrics industry trade shows and is titled: "‘Ethical biometrics’ and the face of the child: the surveillance of children within facial recognition industry discourse". In this paper we... Continue Reading →

Facial recognition and the Chinese other

Western perceptions of digital innovation have long remained in thrall to East-Asia. Just as Japan was seen as the world-leading innovator in micro-electronics and computers during the 1980s, China is now widely considered to be leading the development of artificial intelligence. Western news media, policy and public opinion perpetuate a sense that “China Is Dominating Artificial... Continue Reading →

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