About the project

Automated Vision is a four-year research project funded by the Australian Research Council. We are focusing on the emerging everyday uses of facial recognition technologies (FRTs) across Australian society. Different ‘use cases’ include the introduction of FRTs into …

  • casinos and gaming establishments
  • schools and universities
  • shops and retail sites
  • sports stadia and arenas
  • animal welfare and management

The project also involves a comparative study of developments in Chinese FRT, and how Chinese innovations in FRT are influencing the design, development and implementation of the technology in Australia, alongside public attitudes toward FRT.

Project summary:

This project is the first in-depth study of issues raised by the use of facial recognition technology in public and commercial spaces. It investigates the emerging use of the technology in Australia and conducts a comparative study of key issues and concerns. It draws on in-depth interviews with industry representatives, policy makers, and public interest groups and surveys conducted in Australia and China to assess the social impact of the technology. Results include an analytical study of the issues raised by the technology and the empirical groundwork for communicating public concern to public and regulatory bodies.

A full (10 page) version of the original project proposal is available here (PDF)

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