Academic publications

Articles in academic journals:

O’Neill, C., Selwyn, N., Smith, G., Andrejevic, M., and Gu, X.  (2022)  The two faces of the child in facial recognition industry discourseInformation, Communication & Society

Selwyn, N., Campbell, L. and Andrejevic, M.  (2022)AutoRoll: the contested emergence of classroom facial recognition technologyLearning Media & Technology

Selwyn, N., O’Neill, C., Smith, G., Andrejevic, M. and Gu, X  (2021)   A necessary evil? The rise of online exam proctoring in Australian universities.  Media International Australia

Andrejevic, M.  and Selwyn, N.  (2020).  Facial recognition technology in schools: critical questions and concerns.  Learning Media & Technology 45(2): 115-128


Andrejevic, M. and Selwyn, N.  (2022).   Facial recognition.  Polity

Book chapters:

Selwyn, N.  (2022).   Less work for teacher? The ironies of automated decision-making in schools.  in Pink, S.,  Berg, M.,  Lupton, D. and Ruckenstein, M. (Eds).  Everyday automation: experiencing and anticipating automated decision-making.  Routledge

Academic conference presentations:

Andrejevic, M., O’Neill, C.,  Smith, G., Selwyn, N., and Gu, X. (2022).  The Emerging Inter/Face: theorising the rise and bodily impacts of facial recognition technology. paper presented to 9th biennial Surveillance & Society conference. 

Andrejevic, M., Selwyn, N., O’Neill, C.,  Smith, G., and Gu, X. (2022)  Granular biopower: facial recognition, pandemics, and securitizing circulation. paper presented to 72nd Annual ICA Conference,  Paris, (26-30 May)

Smith, G.,  Andrejevic, M.,  O’Neill, C., Selwyn, N and Gu, X.  (2021)  When your Face is your ID: The ambiguous energetics of facial recognition technologies.   paper presented to 34th Annual Meeting of the Society for Literature, Science and the Arts (SLSA), Ann Arbor (October)

O’Neill, C., Andrejevic, M., Smith, G., Selwyn, N. and Gu, X.  (2021)  ‘Ethical biometrics’ and the face of the child: the surveillance of children within facial recognition industry discourse. paper presented to Association of Internet Researchers AoIR 2021 conference (‘Independence’), Philadelphia (October)

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