Facial recognition: it’s the math, stupid!

From one perspective, facial recognition is a purely computational exercise – a complex process of object scanning, data correlation and applying machine learning techniques to recognise and learn from patterns in digital image data streams. The human face is just of hundreds of different ‘objects’ that might be scanned and processed by a smart-camera – all instantaneously... Continue Reading →

Facial recognition in 2025 – expert expectations

Pew Research released a report in February 2021 in which they canvas the views of various tech experts and futurists about their anticipations of the post-COVID shifts in technology and society for 2025. Facial recognition and other biometrics and AI featured prominently in these accounts – positioning FRT as one of a suite of inferential and surveillance... Continue Reading →

Facial recognition and the Chinese other

Western perceptions of digital innovation have long remained in thrall to East-Asia. Just as Japan was seen as the world-leading innovator in micro-electronics and computers during the 1980s, China is now widely considered to be leading the development of artificial intelligence. Western news media, policy and public opinion perpetuate a sense that “China Is Dominating Artificial... Continue Reading →

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